Thai Bodywork

If you are looking for therapeutic bodywork tailored to your individual needs, then Thai Bodywork might be just what you are looking for. 

In each treatment I help your body and mind move towards a more balanced state, which can help:

  • lower stress
  • boost energy
  • reduce muscular and chronic pain
  • relieve headaches
  • stimulate circulation
  • improve range of motion

Appointments are available 4pm – 9.30pm every Tuesday at Breathing Space, Cork Street, Dublin 8

Frequently Asked Questions

What Should I Wear?

You are very welcome to wear your own comfortable clothes for your treatment.  Please wear clothes that you can move easily in, preferable in a dark colour to avoid staining from the herbal compresses, balms and liniments.  If possible, please wear cotton clothing.  If you prefer, I can give you uni-size Thai fisherman pants and a t-shirt to change into when you arrive.  Most Thai Bodywork techniques are carried out fully clothed.  Cupping, scraping, and the application of herbal balms, liniments is done directly onto the skin.  Your consent will always be sought, and the process explained, for any treatments that require you to temporarily remove clothing.  Your privacy and comfort is my priority.

How Do You Tailor Sessions To My Individual Needs?

If it is your first appointment, please add a free 15-minute new client consultation add-on when booking.  The free in-depth consultation is not taken out of your treatment time.  I will ask questions about your general physical and mental health, lifestyle, medication, medical history, your reasons for needing/wanting Thai Bodywork etc.  This helps me tailor the session to your individual needs on the day of your appointment.  At subsequent sessions, I will do a shorter ‘check in’ with you at the start of each session.

What Is Thai Bodywork?

Thai Bodywork is the ‘physical therapy’ branch of Traditional Thai Medicine, which is deeply rooted in the teachings of the Buddha.  Through this lens, the physical, emotional, mental and energetic aspects of our being cannot be separated (nor treated separately).  It is a therapeutic form of bodywork that carefully addresses each layer of the body, from the skin to the organs.  With a variety of tools and techniques to draw on, each session is tailored specifically to your individual needs.  No session is ever the same as the previous one.

What are the benefits?

As a versatile and comprehensive modality, Thai Bodywork can help with a range of issues.  It can be particularly effective in reducing stress, headaches, and muscular and chronic pain, as well as boosting energy levels, stimulating circulation and improving range of motion.  If you would like to discuss how Thai Bodywork might support you with your health and wellbeing goals, get in touch to arrange a free consultation call.

Is Thai Bodywork Different from Thai Yoga Massage?

Thai Bodywork incorporates the massage and stretching seen in Thai Yoga Massage but also many more tools and techniques, such as range of motion, traction, fire cupping, scraping, neuromuscular release points, scarf work, heart-mind treatment, and subtle wind gate work.  Like Thai Yoga Massage, Thai Bodywork is carried out on a futon (padded mat) on the ground.

How Long Is Each Session?

I offer appointments of 60, 75, 90, 120 minutes.  In a 60 or 75 min session I can focus on one specific issue or one area of the body.  In a 90 or 120 min session I can offer a full body treatment.  For treatment of a specific issue, weekly or fortnightly sessions might be recommended.  To maintain wellbeing, a session every 4 – 6 weeks is optimal.

Massage & Manual Therapy

Beginning with the skin, Thai Bodywork carefully works through the layers of the body, from superficial to deep.

Tools & Techniques

In addition to massage, sessions can include range of motion, traction, stretching, cupping, scraping, neuromuscular release points, scarf work, heart-mind treatment and subtle wind gate work.

Herbal Compresses & Balms

Warm herbal compresses, herbal balms and liniments are included as standard in all Thai Boodywork treatments.



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