I understand feeling out of place at a yoga studio, wellness space or massage clinic

Hi, I’m Dana

I’m a qualified Thai Bodywork practitioner, yoga and meditation teacher, and breath coach.

I help people who are passionate about their work but spend too much time on their laptop at a desk (or the kitchen table, or café). 

Taking regular mind and movement breaks, and prioritising rest and recovery, is crucial for those anyone committed to making a positive impact in the world.  Self-care, and taking care of your own needs, is important of you want to effectively help others.

Helping you discover your unique path to rest and relaxation

I can help you find the right tools, and develop the know-how, to handle everyday stress so you can move through life with more comfort, ease and less pain.  When you feel physically and mentally calm, you have the energy to focus on what truly matters to you.

Whether it’s small group classes or 1:1 sessions, I always strive to make them effective, accessible and inclusive.  This is really important to me.  Let me help you move from aching and stressed to tension-free and energised.

I didn’t fit the idealistic body and lifestyle that was presented as the expected standard in these kinds of spaces.  I hated the communal changing rooms and the perceived judgement (whether it was real or only in my head).  Working in the museum sector, attending classes was a significant budget choice too. 

But the benefits I felt after and between classes kept me coming back.  Over time I developed the knowledge and confidence to start a home yoga practice and seek out the right complimentary therapies and massage therapists to support my wellbeing.

This is me…

I’m passionate about offering bodywork and classes that are accessible and inclusive.  

Over 20 years ago I arrived at a yoga retreat in Spain.  I was exhausted, stressed and in pain from my desk job, desperate to find a way not to feel like that anymore.  At this retreat I discovered how yoga, meditation and Thai massage could improve my physical and mental health.  The teachers and practitioners were kind and open minded, which encouraged me to feel safer in my body and get curious about my own experience.

I had a bit of a shock when I returned home and started attending yoga classes at a well-known studio in London.

I felt like didn’t fit in at all. 

Bodywork, yoga, meditation and breathwork have helped me reduce my daily stress and anxiety, supported my recover from a thyroid issue, a broken and chronic foot pain.  These practices continue to help me manage the symptoms of joint hypermobility syndrome.

Experiencing the benefits of these practices and building up a tool box to support my own wellbeing over the long-term, but also experiencing a sense of exclusion, made me want to support others in a more inclusive way. 

Your body, your practice, your choice

I welcome people who might have felt uncomfortable and excluded from movement classes and wellbeing services in the past and strive to create an inclusive and safer space at my small group classes and 1:1 sessions. 
I am open-minded, compassionate, friendly, knowledgeable and professional. 

Not sure where to start?

Check out the ways I can support you or get in touch for an informal chat

Ways I can support you…

Thai Bodywork

A therapeutic form of mat-based massage to support your body and mind to move towards a more balanced state.  Thai Bodywork can help lower stress, boost energy, and reduce muscular and chronic pain.

Yoga & Breathwork

Small group class to leave your body and mind feeling more relaxed and refreshed.

In-person, Dublin 8.

1:1 Services

We can work together using the tools best suited to helping you achieve your individual wellbeing goals.

Notes from the mat

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