Helping you reduce stress and build resilience so you can focus on what truly matters in your life


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Slow down. Get curious. Make positive choices for your body and mind.

Deep down, you know it’s possible to feel calmer and more relaxed in your body and mind.  You’ve had glimpses of it before.  You know you don’t have to put up with feeling this stressed and with an increasing number of niggles in your body.

Whether it’s small group classes or 1:1 sessions, let me show you how Thai Bodywork, yoga and breathwork can help you:


  • learn to listen to the whispers of your body, rather than wait for it to shout at you in pain
  • experience a sense of ease and comfort in your body and mind in an inclusive environment that accepts and embraces exactly who you are
  • empower yourself with a tool kit of simple and effective practices, supported by a practitioner 100% committed to making long-term wellbeing accessible to everyone

Embrace your uniqueness and discover the path to inner peace and deep relaxation

Picture having the knowledge and tools to reduce and manage daily stress, moving with more ease and joy, and having the physical and mental energy to focus on what’s important to you.

Ready to get curious about your unique body and mind to discover the path to ease stress and cultivate resilience?  Let me be your guide.

Hi, I’m Dana

I help people who are passionate about their work but spend too much time on their laptop at a desk (or the kitchen table, or café).  Taking regular mind and movement breaks, and prioritising rest and recovery, is crucial for those anyone committed to making a positive impact in the world.  Self-care, and taking care of your own needs, is important of you want to effectively help others.

I can help you find the right tools, and develop the know-how, to handle everyday stress so you can move through life with more comfort and ease.  When you feel physically and mentally calm, you have the energy to focus on what truly matters to you.

Whether it’s small group classes or 1:1 sessions, I always strive to make them effective, accessible and inclusive.  This is really important to me.  Let me help you move from aching and stressed to tension-free and energised.

Ways I can support you…

Thai Bodywork

A therapeutic form of mat-based massage to support your body and mind to move towards a more balanced state.  Thai Bodywork can help lower stress, boost energy, and reduce muscular and chronic pain.

Yoga & Breathwork

Small group class to leave your body and mind feeling more relaxed and refreshed.

In-person, Dublin 8.

1:1 Services

We can work together using the tools best suited to helping you achieve your individual wellbeing goals.

What my clients say

“Dana was just awesome. Booked a Thai Bodywork session with her. She is a caring, friendly person who made me feel relaxed and pampered.  She was 100% sincere and paid a lot of attention to my needs. Left the place uplifted and happy. Thank you.”


“I can’t remember the last time I felt this relaxed.”


“I was made to feel very comfortable and accommodated and as a non-binary person this can be hard sometimes. Dana was very welcoming and did some great work on my neck tension. 10/10 would recommend!”


“I recently had a Thai Bodywork session with Dana and found it great for relieving back/neck tension and for overall relaxation. Definitely will be returning.”


In-person, small group class, Dublin 8

Restorative Yoga & Breathwork

This class offers the opportunity to deeply relax your body and mind. You’re guided to use bolsters, blankets and props to ensure your body is fully supported throughout the practice.

Thursdays, 7.15pm at Breathing Space

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Notes from the mat

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