Yoga, Breathwork & Thai Bodywork

Yoga classes, breathwork sessions and Thai Bodywork for all body types to help you reduce stress, tension and pain, and support your journey to optimal health. 

Dublin and online.

Yoga & Breathwork

Online Yoga Classes

Live online classes via Zoom. 

Maximum 8 students so you receive individual support in your practice.

Private Yoga Sessions

In-person in Dublin or online via Zoom.

Sessions are tailored to your individual needs.  We can work together on any specific issues or areas of your yoga practice you would like to develop.

Breath Coaching

Live online classes via Zoom. Group classes and 4-week 1:1 programme.

  • Reduce stress
  • Sleep better
  • Improve digestion
  • Boost energy

What kind of yoga do I teach?

All bodies are welcome in my yoga classes, with or without yoga experience.  You don’t need to be flexible or wear fancy yoga clothes either. 

I offer a functional style of yoga to help you release tension and move with more ease.  Through subtle yet demanding movement and breathing practices you will learn to observe and notice what is happening in your own body, opening up the choice for how you respond.  

Thai Bodywork

If you are looking for therapeautic bodywork tailored to your individual needs, then Thai Bodywork might be just what you are looking for.  In each treatment I help your body and mind move towards a more balanced state, which can help: 

  • lower stress
  • boost energy
  • reduce muscular and chronic pain
  • relieve headaches
  • stimulate circulation
  • improve range of motion

Massage & Manual Therapy

Beginning with the skin, Thai Bodywork carefully works through the layers of the body, from superficial to deep.  Many Thai Bodywork techniques are carried out fully clothed. 

Tools & Techniques

I choose from a variety of tools and techniques to create a personalised treatment to address your individual needs.  In addition to massage, sessions can include range of motion, traction, stretching, cupping, scraping, neuromuscular release points, scarf work, heart-mind treatment and subtle wind gate work.

Herbal Balms & Compresses

Warm herbal compresses, herbal balms and liniments are included as standard in all Thai Boodywork treatments. 

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